Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did I mention that....

I got all modern and bought me an MP3 player? in pink no less LOL. I'm hoping to be able to rescue my music from the pc onto it (and add more of course!)mind you, i'm not so sure when i'll get to listen to it as i've always got the kids with me.... when i'm online after they're in

Bed. tonight they didn't want to go to bed OR to sleep. i am now a VERY cranky mama. Beth finally fell asleep at around 8.30-9. Sian on the other hand didn't even get her butt back INTO bed till gone 11pm. Even more annoying was they'd both already fallen asleep in the car and were just being little brats. oh, and i'm jsut a pair of

Boobs. This week is world breast feeding week. If you haven't, sign the breast feeding manifesto @ http://www.breastfeedingmanifesto.org.uk I passionatley beleive that a nursing mama should be able to nurse her baby ANYWHERE. after all, you don't complain at a baby being bottle fed in public, do you?

I've decided to give up teaching trampolining. Actually, I'm considering giving it up altogether, but I'm not sure. At least it doesn't *cost* me anything! But back to the giving up teaching. I want to spend more time with my family. Saturday is the only day we can feasibly do anything as a family and trampolining rather cuts into that as it's 1-4 and the whold day is a rush. We're going to take the kids to swimming lessons in septemer instead we hope. I fimly beleive that swimming si a skill everyone should learn. even if it's only enough to get them out of trouble.

I desperatley ned to learn to drive. I have commitements all over the place now and one of them is helping my mother for 11.5hrs a week.... if i could drive to theirs and then back to surestart it would make life all round so much easier. guess i'm on the look out for cheap driving lessons then huh. the cheapest i've found is £28/hr. then i'll need childcare while i do the lesson...that's most likely going to set me back *anotehr* £24...darnit it's an expensive

Need. Just like the trainer pants i've invested in. I shelled out £25 yesterday on 2 pairs and £30 today on another 3. One of these kids better potty train! preferably the big one who's stretching my fuzzinbunz!!

I emailed me the pictures of our holidays now. I'll get them downloaded and shared as soon as possible. there are some really nice ones tehre, and some not so good ones too. I'm also looking into a bluetooth adaptor so i can blue tooth the pics from my phone onto here. i don't want to lose them if i get a new phone!

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