Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We have heat and hot water again! The gas engineer came at 8:10a (for an 8-10a appt) and was gone by 8.50. leaving us warming up nicely, and ready to wash up dishes and bodies! The shower might even work properly again. At least, the girls showered tonight instead of me giveing them a bath in the baby bath :o)

Housing Officer

came to see the house today. her general assesment was that the place is a tip. i know it's cluttered. we have nowhere to store any thing. and i know the kitchen sink needed cleaning. i've had no hot water for 36hrs. it took a whopping 10mins to do while the kids watched telly this afternoon.

she was happy with their room "at least they keep their room nice and tidy" was what she said. actually, mama does. and that's cause they're rarely allowed to play in there.

I must be a bad mother then. can't keep the house tidy or clean a sink. or mow a lawn (nowhere to store a lawn mower, nor money to buy one). oh or trim a hedge (that is about 8ft tall)

in all, i feel like my best isn't good enough and i might as well just not be here.


fiberfanatic said...

Well, you shouldn't be in THAT house, because it isn't safe for you! Other than that, give yourself a hug, you are doing fine.

We've had people visit us like that -- they want to find fault so they do.

wheezeybouncer said...

thanks mum. i'm feeling a bit touchy at the moment. must be due to start the monthly torture or soemthing

our radiator system got flushed out today. it took 2.5hrs. and now the bedroom is scalding hot and i can't get in to turn the heat off (radiator doesn't want to turn down!)