Sunday, July 29, 2007

I really must get

a blue tooth adaptor so i can download pics from my phone to my computer. i lost so many cute ones from my old phone cause i had no way of saving them to my pc bar email (and that costs credit!)

we went to a family funday today. most the activities were free. and the ones we paid for were no more than 50p each. the kids got a pile of lollipops LOL. not that they've had any yet. they're going in my sweet jar for future use. i did get photos of the kids (there were 6 of them altogether, although the neices decided to go and do their own thing) on the roundaboutn and fire engine. oh and in the playground.

I think the highlight of the day for Sian was having Owein and Jessi. oh and the fact she got sausage and chips for tea... again! Still when you're walking back to GrannyJans at 4:45 and tea is 5-5.30ish....

The Shower...

is up to it's old tricks again. do you *know* how much scalding hot water on sore boobies hurts? LOTS is teh correct answer. I'm jsut glad that the shower didn't get hot while the girls were in it. it did go freezeing cold though. aaaaargh! the heating is fixed, teh radiators flushed. now waht?

Wednesday is ...

BBQ day. as the weather this week is looking likely to be nice, we're BBQing on Weds. mind you, it'll probably rain now knowing my luck LOL. however. freinds, food and fun will be the order of the day :o) i'm off to iceland on Tuesday to get the supplies!

Thursday I have to decide

wether to just pick Carla and Leah up from trampolining. or take Sian and beth for a jump too. i'm sure Del won't mind. Chris might bring Jess and Owein as well which would be cool. I'm not sure but i think we're going to the chinese that night. we'll see!

My sister sent my

Ann Summers order and hairdressing scissors up with Mum and Dad. I christened the scissors this morning on the girls' firnges. Not bad for a first attempt. and Beth was wriggling (she got poked in the head :o( which i thought for a second was her eye) and Sian's hair is so uneven I really might have to shave it all off and start again!

i ordered a cute top from AS and my bloody boobs are too big for it :'O( *waaaah* at least my PJs fit (and are comfy. i'm going to AS exclusively for PJs I think!!) now to decide whether to send the top back to my sister to return or take it instore for voucerhs. hmmm.....

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