Sunday, August 12, 2007

where did my baby go?

Beth has decided that it's "big girl knickers" for her as well. she went from 8.30am to 3.30pm with NO accidents. and then Sian decided that she was going to sit on the potty for 5mins when Beth needed to go. Methinks we may need a new potty chair for Beth LOL

It's not funny but...

i seem to have a HUGE bruise on my humorus (pun intended)i can't *see* it but by heck it hurts to lean on my right elbow. And it aches very easily when i'm doing chores.

I have 4 BOXES

of avon stock in my house at the moment. I'm not sure waht to do with it. Wonder if I'll ever get an answer as to how much it will cost me to hire the creative space up at the hub. that would be an ideal space as ALL the mums go there at some point. And they can also get a coffee (tea/juice), use the library or make use of stay and play.

Clive finished work

for the summer Saturday. He has a whopping 2wks off. And he's working tomrow! Ah well. I have pinned him down to a trip to Swindon to see a freind on Saturday and we're going to for a trip on AUG 22. now, will i get my pics off the camera before we go.. and will i remember to download the ones i take when we're at the theme park? We shall see LOL


Jen said...

hey came across your blog and just want to share that I know the feeling of the avon stock just sitting there!

Best thing I have found is to have everyone over for a coffee and tell everyone to bring a friend. Seems to clear out my stuff pretty nicely!

wheezeybouncer said...

hehe i might just do that! or take it all to my mums when we have our "girls night in".. same effect, right?

hey, i don't suppose you'd have any "mesmerize" talc? I know, cheeky asking someone i've not even "met" yet LOL