Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cookery Lesson

today we baked an apple cake with fresh apples. mmm. mind you, we have NOOO idea how it came out yet! i'll find out later i hope.


4tbsp (appr. 4oz) self raising flour
4tbsp (appr. 40z) caster sugar
4 oz (ish!!) butter
2 medium eggs
2 large(ish) cooking apples, peeled & grated
1tsp cinnamon

grease a cake tin well and bake in a preheated oven at 200 for 20mins (roughly)

Beth counted out the spoons of sugar- wiht a little assistance. Sian did the flour all by herself and then they "miscked" those two ingredients together. Both kids (with help) cracked an egg into the mix and stirred it. Then Mama added the butter and apple/cinnamon mix and we gave it a good ol' stirring together. add a couple of kisses for luck! transfer to greased cake tin. give the kids the bowl to lick out and put in hot oven.

Paulton's Park

Requires a picnic for 9. Yup, nine people. So we went to tescos to get the ingredients for it. The girls had to remember certain items. And Beth excelled as she remembered the milk that Mama forgot! MInd you, she also started eating the cheese triangles before i'd even got to the checkout LOL.

Signing with Justin

aka 20mins in front of the box. There was an episode I've never seen today. The girls both picked up the sign for "digger" and later on, they both used signs around and about. Sian noticed that some toys had been placed in a box so they looked like they were signing "butterfly"

Yesterday we

put on some rock n roll and had a "dance lesson" for 30mins. who said pe had to be football/netball/rounders LOL. Today, Sian tried out some ballet and she's not too bad at a couple of karate moves either (front kick & basic punch) pity i can't get her into a karate session till she's 5.

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