Sunday, August 19, 2007

we played with

my brother in law's Wii today. Great fun! I was teh only one to KO in the boxing first round. i also found that i can use it in either hand so thats good too. the kids tried the golf (but found that a bit hard) and managed pretty well with bowling. we'll defintley get kids games for them. oh, and yes, we're DEFINTLY getting one for christmas!! the question is (as we're planning on getting it in Nov.) will it stay in the box till christmas??

we were meant to go to a freinds yesterday. in the end i felt so bad with stomach cramps that we didn't. instead, we went to DFS and bought a sofa! about time mind, we've been making do wiht a few chairs. and this one reclines- on both seats!

i also set us up with more tv channels... jsut so we had teh sports for his highness. mind you, i'm looking foreward to haveing someo f th eother channels. and i can also use them for the kids to learn!

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