Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go away!

Don't come back another day! Also known as, oh my it's WET here. Every time I tried to leave my mums today it started raining *again* in the end I asked dad nicely if he'd bring us home. we still got saturated on the short journey from the car to the front door.

We walked to see our Housing Officer yesterday as we couldn't get through on the phone. When we LEFT it wasn't raining. By the time we got to the end of the road we really should have given up as a bad job. We carried on to town. On the way BACK, we ended up being taken in by a very kind lady who saw us splashing home through a torrential thunder storm. We totally flooded the poor womans' house it was taht wet. I need to think of a nice thank you for her. She gave the girls a snack (it was lunchtime when we went into hers, and yes i'm fully aware of stranger danger LOL) and a drink and let us shelter till Clive came and got us.


Did I tell about the girls bedroom door coming off the hinge? I must get a picutre. The door ahs split at the top. THe repair "should be completed by 07/09/2007" really? that soon? that'd be nice. till then i'll just hold my breath every time the girls play in their bedroom. I can't even take the door off and store it somewhere. Clive and I are *STILL* living out of boxes.

We are a "standard band C" according to housing. In other words, we may as well assume we're going to be here pretty much forever. Unless something medical means we need a different home. SO, it's a 5.30am start for the girls of the house so we can be out and on the bus by 7am and the latest to get over to the parents to see to tehir needs- at least i get paid for it i guess. but i couldn't let some stranger put the damned pressure bandages on mums legs for her. they're a PITA.

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