Saturday, July 07, 2007

Poor Sian's had a

BAAAAAAD day. First, she tripped over her own feet and smacked her head on a metal fence (ouchee!) Then, she fought with her sister over a flannel resulting in her being bit on the bum (mind you, i did warn her to let beth *have* the flannel or it would happen) and finally, she knocked over a table right on top of her cracking the glass that was on it (at least it didn't break, huh) And then she was late to bed resulting in a bad tempered little madam! But they did get fed at mcdonalds as we were out at tea time.

I'm sure Transport for London (TfL) say only one pushchair on a bus at a time for a reason. I must be the ONLY person who folds up the damned thing if my childs not sitting in it. Today, as beth was eating i didn't. but the two otehr people who got on the bus with pushchairs could have. one got on carrying his child and with an unfolded stroller, the other was a rude lady who argued with me as someone had been rude to me in the first place and then took her child OUT of the pushchair and left it blocking the space. its hard to move out of a space where a pushchair is blocking you in. and i was brought up to say "excuse me" not "oi woman" as it happened i was trying to give her more room to put the darned thing and then couldn't get out cause she was blocking me in.

i'm so bad at the photo thing, huh? i still have our EASTER holiday pics in my email inbox. never mind any we took in june. mind you, most the good ones are on clives camera. we need to get a bluetooth adaptor (and hope the pc will play) to get them downloaded. AND we jsut got the last of the girls watch me grow pics done. we're going to order them tuesday, as i'll have the CD the copy right will be mine, all mine so i can share quite happily

and now, i'm going to bed before i get qwerty face! night all


fiberfanatic said...

I don't know, qwerty face might look good on you! LOL

Give Sian a hug, and you still haven't answered my question about sizes!

Love you all!

wheezeybouncer said...

what questoin about sizes? sian's long and skinny. beths tall and chunky!!