Sunday, July 22, 2007


if anyone can figure out a way i can cut sian's nails without a battle (she *used* to fall asleep on me) then I'd LOOOOOVE to know it. It's not like i can do it when she's asleep anymore as i'd have to turn on the bedroom light.... that'd wake both of them up.


Beth took my face in her hands earlier. Pulled it round to face her and planted a kiss on my lips. She woudln't do it again LOL she just kept pushing me away.

Harry Potter 7

I get to read Stevie's copy again! I just have to *buy* it. So till then I'm avoiding anything HP like the plague. I even managed NOT to read more than the back cover in tescos earlier!!


I did a sainsburys online order as we were short of fresh food and Clive's wroking most days till Aug 11. HOW can you run out of milk (full fat cows milk, i'd understand if it was goats milk!!) and ham? So we still had to go to tescos. Should have gotten some bread too. I swear I'm living off sandwiches at the moment...


Well, much as I try to deny it heh. It was suggested though that I get my GP (and the Health Visitor will also write for me) to write to the housing people saying that the house we're in is affecting my asthma badly. As I'm looking at my 4th burst of pred (yuck, i'm trying to avoid it!) since December, there may be something in it. Previously I've only taken it 3x in 10yrs.

House Clearance/ Ebay

But as we're likely to be here for the considerable future. I think I'm going to do a whole pile of EBay listings and if things don't sell after 2 listings, then they'll either be donated or taken to the tip. (I am SOOOO not including my books in this, even if they are stuck under the stairs!)

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