Friday, July 27, 2007

well we have...

a whole new guttering and drain pipe. and a mown front garden and trimmed hedges. we won't go into the back garden. but the landlord has left the hedge trimmer (no more struggling with shears then)

yesterday they came and flushed through the whole radiator system (and it was deeeesgusting!) that took over 2hrs to clean out. but the shower really does work now. the housing officer was actually good forsomething apart from putting me in a bad mood! mind you, the house has gone from being icy cold to over heated. lol and thas only on 3 radiators. i've turned the heating down, but it's still hot in here!

Sian and Beth had a blast cycling and rollerskating before they were banished indoors for the day (we wasted a day cause people didn't/couldn't turn up to ours and then it wasn't safe for them to be out in the garden) then poor beth fell out the back door and poor sian fell down the stairs.

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