Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It didn't want to be with me any more......!

My mobile phone that is! I put it down on top of a quilt and a towel and 30seconds later (yup, that long) it slid right off them and into a pint of lemonade, not touching the sides as it went. As it wasn't on the edge of the pile and didn't even hit the rim of the glass, i can only assume it felt over worked and under paid and wanted an easy out!! Pity i've lost some really cute pics now though- unless they're saved to my SIM... and we were just talking about a blue tooth adaptor to get the pics from the phones to the computer.

Sian appears to have lost all her "T's" from her speech over night *sigh* it's really frustrating me as I don't drop them that much. I know where she's got it from though so I fear I may have to limit how often her freind comes over until she starts speaking properly again.

Hehehe. There is *exactly* a 5lbs weight difference between the girls, it's always been about that but I think Beth may catch Sian up now LOL this time last year Sian was 24lbs 3oz and this year Beth is 23lbs 7oz! I think we may be turning Beth forward facing at 2 rather than 2.5/3 like Sian was.

We go away for two weeks saturday!! I can't wait to get down to Wales and into cleaner, fresher air. We're trying to think up some trips to take while we're there as well. Probably one to a fun fair (, one to Techniquest ( and we're not sure where else apart from DVLA to hopefully get my licence... we'll see.

Some idiot took £216 instead of £150 out of our bank account (how on EARTH can you do that???) and we're waiting for it to be replaced by check today... hmm that ones done. i think we may go and ask for the cash tomorow now.

can't think of anything else for this post. I do need to do a homeschool one though and i can't remember the address or password!!!


fiberfanatic said...

Can't help you with the password, but the site is

wheezeybouncer said...

ahha. ty.