Monday, April 16, 2007

home sweet home

ok, i know we've been back since friday. but holidays create a lot of laundry! and i'm still not done iwth it yet *sigh* i'll have to get ou tin the garden and hang teh current load when i've done this- girlies are both asleep still!

we had a lovely (if expensive!) break in wales. sian didn'twant to come home, in fact she cried as we left the camp lol. we all missed wendy though (one of last years teamstars) but it was nice to see gemma from the year before. she's working as bar staff this season.

this week we had an easter egg hunt (not a hard one!) round the chalet, a trip to the beach - that was windy! we didn't quite make it to the sea as the tide was out, a quick visit to the chocolate farm followed by bowling/soft play, a visit to dais dragons den, and a trip to folly farm where we went round the zoo (well ad ifferent part of it) and saw a show in the theatre. one of the goats tried to nibble sian's sandal and she got scared lol

its good to be back in my own bed. i woke up with neck/back ache EVERY day while we were there. and the bedroom had a dreadful condensation problem :o/ still can't wait for june to arrive!

ok, chores call while the kidlets are still snoozing sweetly.

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