Tuesday, April 03, 2007

we have an answer!!!

there was a design fault with sian's cot bed and about a year after we bought ours they changed the manufacturer.

i got a refund (£249.99) and we have to take the cot back tomorow. sian gets to sleep on her mattress on the floor till she gets a new bed now!

i have mostly packed for our trip away... swimming bags (x2), bathroom bag (- drugs & toothbrushes, they go in last), our clothes (almost done) jsut the kids bag to go really. clive can drag teh travel cot down from the kids room tomorow and i'll sort ou the boot ready for an early start on thursday! can't wait.

i'll try and rember pics when i get back to update y'all!

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fiberfanatic said...

what a wonderful thing!