Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Siân and Beth decided Bear (of Big Blue House fame) wanted to share their fruit shoots. So he did! I think he liked the apple flavour... well there were no complaints!

Beth in Siân's new Fisher Price Seat

Siân in her new Fisher Price Car seat. The seat is pretty much the same as the Britax Trio, Just with the Fisher Price name on it- it's been made by Britax (they also make the Jaguar car seats here in the UK)

Siân with her new dolly that "i can help walk in the garden" This doll is better endowed than a Barbie!! When Siân took her top off and saw the boobage she said "i'm going to have dolly milk now" and promptly did. Clive and I cracked up laughing!

Off Tomorrow YAY!!

The car is pretty much packed to bursting. The girls are asleep (finally in the case of the big one) I just need to put in the last few bits for the journey that I haven't tonight when we get up and we are on holiday!!

But of course that unwelcome witch had to come a visiting me. I guess better now at the begining than in the middle though.

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