Monday, October 15, 2007

Long one from me...

Sian and Beth modelling Granny Mary's handiwork. I couldn't get them to take them off!

Oh thank goodness for that! I'm no longer on Dial Up (thank you DH and the world of credit! but £12/month for 4yrs isn't too bad.. we need £400 for a new sofa in 6mos and i'm really struggling to keep the £100/mos i put aside!

Since my last post we've been on holiday (free is always good!), Baby Beth turned 2 (not really a baby any more), We bought a Wii.... good workout. I love the boxing! and a lovely parcel turned up from my Mum in America .. I've added the picture which isn't super cause i took it with my camera phone which is rather naff!


I took the girls to Snakes and Ladders (£10 entry OUCH), fed them tehre (another £13 double ouch), let them have a couple of rides (£1.50) and then we went for a walk in Syon Gardens (bargain of the day £1) oh, and they had cake in teh cafe there (£5 more EEK!) and let me not forget the sweeties they bought as we left S&L another £1.75.. needless to say out of £40 I didn't have too much left!


Mr Saunders house (which if you're familiar with AA Milne, you'll know is where Winnie ther Pooh lives) we didn't find Piglets house though. We saw some GIANT Gunnera's... Rhubarbs are descended from them.... and the girls saw different mosses and algae as well as geese and swans.


tell you about my new venture and goals...

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so far i'm down between 20-25lbs depending on the day! but it's working well and I fit in clothes i haven't for some time.


I went into NEXT the other day and tried on a size 18 dress... that fitted! I've decided that my ultimate reward will be a new outfit from NEXT. I've already earned (bought too!) a new pair of tracksuit bottoms. Mind you I NEEDED them as well! Now i need a new sports bra!


A bad year for me health wise... to date i've had laryngitis 6x (got so i can tell when i'm in for another bout of it!), tonsillitis 2x - jsut finished my abx for taht... thank goodness. I just had to experience the side effects didn't i? My asthma has been super hard to control... to the tune of pred at least every 6wks (yucky, yucky, yucky!)

now i have repeat prescriptions for the symbicort and ventolin for 6mos at the chemist and a rx at home for pred. and abx. mind you, the asthma rarely flares up from infection. And i need to find out about a nebulizer, but i think that isn't going ot happen as they can't be prescribed.... i jsut don't HAVE a spare £100. so it's "haler and spacer" for me then.


trying to move out of this property... and still TTC our last munchkin. although after the 2.5hrs before I got her to bed iwth Sian i wonder if i'm mad! She's normally very sweet, but when she's bad, she's horrid!

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