Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh dear me...

I came downstairs and found Sian had cut her sisters hair *EEK* with my hairdressing scissors *EEEEEEEK* NOT amused! Mind you, she didn't do too bad a job, and it doesn't show too much eitehr. There is now hair all over my living room!

i made a cardboard pierrot marrionette in art over the past two weeks (photo to follow!) and donated it to the family room for their "Pink Week" in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Next week they're doing all sorts of fundraisers and fun things including a disco, penny jar and raffle.

I made the decision to not do the virgin vie and stick to avon. cause all the people i know bar ONE are avon people. and whatever the area manager says, it's NOT that easy to get VV customers round here with 2 U5s tagging along and no transport (although London has a good public transport system, it can still be very unreliable)

We got the wii... can't remember if i said! And at the moment i'm the house boxing champion. Not that DH will let me beat him at even that for very long *sigh* I never can have something for myself!

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