Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silly Soup

Prize for anyone who can guess what the soup du jour was at the community cafe today from that title!

We had a "try new foods" day today. lunch time was "silly soup" (yes, i'll let you know at the end!) and at tea time i mashed some butternut squash up with some sunflower spread. Sian didn't like either, Beth liked both. It was Sian who wanted the squash and Beth the soup LOL. Must say, the soup was rather peppery. I didn't like the roasted squash when i did it when Sian was teeny tiny.

Ok, Silly Soup was.... Celery. I don't like celery but I did like the soup. I liked the butternut squash mash too, and put it ontop of some veggie mince mix to freeze for later use.


I have it, bad. My freind had her 2nd baby last monday. I avoided her like the plague all the time I was on abx. didn't think she needed her own bout of tonsillitis to deal wiht as well as a toddler and new born! But i'm better now and we had gifts to deliver. So the girls and I went round to see A and Baby S. A was ecstatic with his mask (he loved the girls ones, and Sian chose him a blue one the same style but different design). I can't wait for N to bring the baby to be weighed LOL. I'll let her family get new baby fever out of their systems first!


That was flavour of the day today. The girls watched all 4 DVDs over the course of the day. They know all the signs now though. Must try and get the 2 new DVDs for them for christmas. And find somewhere to learn BSL for myself as the person I had lined up to teach them hasn't contacted me at all. They were really looking forward to learning to talk without speaking.

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