Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hampton Court

Thats where we went today. We were going to go to the Tower Of London, but weatehr and lack of funds stopped us. At least, we would have had to pay for transport to the Tower, we'd have got free admission (thanks to a lovely Mummy who works for Historic Royal Palaces!)

S&B made hats (will get pics of them off C's camera later...) and then S tried on a REAL one. And Mum did a copy of an edwardian outfit... quite well too! But the highlight of the Clore Learning Center was...... the dragon hanging from the ceiling! we found a dragon outside too... and a lion and a unicorn. The doors to the centre were amazing. Solid bronze mini statues depicting various activities that would take place at Hampton Court.

After that we walked the mile (the long way!) to ride the Land Train roudn the gardens (rip off at £2/each for a 15min ride) oh, via the Privy Kitchens for a coffee break for dad. Biiiig problem in their! They do *THE* best fridge cake .... highly calorific... so i shared it with the kids! All the foods are made on teh premises, daily. If you ever want a proper fresh meal (although expensive, Mums staff pass comes into it's own there) then I highly reccomend Hampton Court.

Grabbed our Lunches and ate in the rain... yup, you read that right. We headed to the Tiltyard Cafe for lunch, buit it was sooo busy they shut it. Clive, Sian, Beth and I ate in the rain otuside. Poor kids were frrrrreeeeeezin' ah, they loved it though, specially when they'd finished and were running in and out of the grasses nearby (muddy clothes they have!) went home soon after that. Kids and Grandparents were too tired to stay. Wouldn't beleive it the way S&B didn't go to sleep till 8pm though!

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