Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm putting myself up for adoption!

It's been a few of those days in a row. The girls have been constantly sniping, whinging and scrapping with each other. Clive is putting all the blame on me, and then leaving me to deal with whatever is going on. And the kids cap it by TELLING him to go away (so the asshole does). Add to that S having a few "terrible two's" days and B getting incredibly physical with other children (she bit one Friday, Mama was NOT impressed) I just want to leave them all to it... would i come back to a whole house?! The calmest time today was (beleive it or not!) at the SUPERMARKET of all places. Daddy and Sian took their shoping list and Mama and Beth did their shopping... and the highlight of Boo's day... she got a talking MakkaPakka!

All Wrapped Up

The christmas presents that is. I wonder if DH will wrap my stocking or I'll have to do it myself... lets see if I even HAVE a stocking come christmas eve. His is done (with the exception of a drink and peice of fruit) Still waiting for Beth's last gift... but she's got plenty even if it doesn't come. Dozy Dora here decided to take the WOOL jumper DH chose for himself out the bag to wrap. It soon went back int! My hand and arm still itch :o/


That's what the dizziness was. Most people get one attack... i got 2 in 2 weeks. And the all too familiar dizzy sensation is back again. At least I know waht it is now *and* i have meds for it! Speaking of, somewhere I have some symbicort..... but where (50 million question!)


Thats where i'm headed now. just post this, finish chatting, empty the bed (remember the christmas presents!) and hit the sack. my matchsticks are broken and i'm cold. I'll tyr and get pics off th ecamera tomrow.

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