Saturday, December 15, 2007

Randomness from the week.

We bought a new digicam. A joint present to us, mainly cause we wanted a DECENT one to take to Florida. Should I tell DH I just saw the same one for £20 less online? It's a snazzy Fujifilm Finepix S5700. (I told him, half asleep, his reaction? "oh well") Can't wait to actually USE the thing. I'm thinking the Sure Start Christmas Party Next week! Maybe I'll offer my services as Photographer! After all, they can only say "No!" I might persuade them to get the memory card if they do want me to though

For the girls to take to FL we found for Beth an "In the Night Garden" Rucksack, and for Sian a "Peppa Pig" one. They have a new outfit each (have to choose, ones a fairy princess and ones a pirate) and some stickers to start on their activities for the plane. Sian will be taking Terence Trunki ( and in the new year we'll get Beth a Trixi Trunki (I'm not paying the £5 extra for the few extras) What I want to do now is find a bricks & mortar shop to buy one in and save shipping charges!

FINALLY! I got my mammoth crocs ( After teh first 30mins or so when I thought they were too small.... I didn't want to take them off. You really could wear them as slippers. So warm and cozy. My feet love me again (they do NOT love trainers any more, not even Reeboks!)

Today we went to Hammersmith to go to the Disney Store... DH wanted a new mug. The girls got new PJs ... must go through theirs, I'm sure Sian only has about 3 pairs now that fit. Sian and Beth picked up a Little Einsteins Puzzle... then saw a Minnie Mouse Ears and Dress. I managed a minor miracle. SHE PUT THE PUZZLE BACK! Mind you, the ears & dress cost about £20 more! Luckily (I think!) the dress is a 7-8 so should fit for some time. Both kids looked gorgeous in it. It's defintely NOT an outfit I jsut want to chuck in their toy basket though.

Beth saw "kimmas" and had THE biggest grin when he said hello, then went all shy when he actually got down to the nitty gritty LOL. She still had the goofy grin on though, it was SOOOO CUTE! They got to tell father christmas what they want as a present (i told for beth, and then sian got shy so daddy said anything) and his helper let them dip into her sack for a pre-christmas treat each (selection box of chocolates, very nice too)

To finish it all off we hit the toy store (well, did that BEFORE we went to DIsney really) and got teh girls a toy cow each (don't ask, they chose! i think it was an influence from watching "airport" earlier) i picked them up a learn to write book each (they fought over the magazine and got me VERY frustrated) and a BIG TUB of Megablocks for £15 instead of £30.. all with 20% off. Yay!

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