Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day Pics...

Bethy opening her stocking with a *just* awake Daddy.

Sian playing with her playsilk.. they got them in place of cuddly toys this year. HIT!

The girls all nice and clean(ish) in their Christmas outfits. Santa always brings new clothes.

My little Angels... I know the truth! Under there they have Disney Princess Slippers!

Me n my girlies. They're HEAVY when you try and lift them both simultaenously now. Yup, I'm grimacing!

Beth got a LOT of "In the Night Garden" related things... well, a CD, DVD, 2 books and the Ninky Nonk! Every time she unwrapped on of them she'd scream "My Night Garden!" Not saying she's a fan or anything but......

Sian got the Doodle Daisy (BIG hit) and Doodle Bear she asked for (we got them both a doodle bear) but when asked today what her favourite gift was? "My new socks Mama"

Clive got a new Wii game that he ended up playing for over 3hrs last night (ok, i played some with him, but he was coming to bed at MIDNIGHT!!!) and 2 jumpers he chose.

I got my "Strictly Come Dancersize" DVD just need room and time to do it now. I can't wait.

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