Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home School

Education happens all round us. NOT JUST IN SCHOOLS!!! And if one more person asks me "When are you going to start Sian's education?" I may just have to SCREEEEEAAAAAAM!

Sian and Beth have been learning since they were born... all babies do. In their case though, I started to teach them "Baby Sign Language" and even now they do it. It's just one of the reasons they're staying home to learn though (none of the schools teach BSL to mainstream kids - only one primary and one secondary school have "Hearing Impaired Units")

Take the kids to parent & baby groups, swimming lessons (v important), toddler group? they're learning. Do you go to the library, let them play on the computer (CBeebies is fab according to my two), Go to teh park? They're learning. Even watching TV and DVDs can help in the learning process.

Bake Cakes, Look for numbers and letters on road signs and doors. Count steps, count cars. find colors. It's all about LEARNING!

As they get older, they'll need other outlets for meeting up with kids and adults alike (after all you don't see people born the same school year as you for 5-6hrs/day 5days/wk when you leave school do you? So, with the new year approaching. We're going to be aiming to make the nearest Home School group every otehr Thursday... Let's see if I can manage it this time! Shouldn't be too hard as my courses are both on a Friday and I can arrange driving lessons after the kids are in bed! Just need to find out when the group starts back up again now! Last time I went both girls were still in nappies and Beth was just about crawling!

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