Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas is a comin'...

and I have got almost everything wrapped up! WooHoo! It took less tahn £100 in Toys R Us (wow) and DH and I even got some bits for the FL trip.

Both girls are getting a Doodle Bear (the large was £2 cheaper than the small!) They have a CD from each other and a CD each from us. Books and a "Something Special" DVD each. Even now they will sit and watch a whole "Justin" DVD. I don't mind. It consolidates what signs they've learnt already. They're also getting a Wii game each. Shrimp's is here and wrapped. Boo's is awaiting delivery.... I hope it's here for christmas! and to share they've some dressing up shoes.

From Santa they're getting

Playfood, a new outfit and their stockings (chocolate, drink, £1, fruit, book, toy, hair bow clippie & socks)

Christmas Eve always brings a new pair of PJs... this year they chose their own. Both have christmassy ones... but Boo chose ones in the sale (£3, bargain!) and Shrimp chose "The Snowman" at £12!!

For her birthday I think we're just taking Shrimpy shopping and seeing waht she'd like. I do know that her Uncle Stevie has got her a talking Upsy Daisy... Cause I bought it for her LOL. We were looking to see who found it first! (He got Boo talking IgglePiggle for her birthday present BIG HIT!) Psst. Don't tell the girls but he's got them Disney Crocs for their Christmas Presents!

DH chose himself a couple of Jumpers for this year. One of them is wool so goodness knows how i'm going to wrap that up! He's getting a Wii game too... just not the one he's expecting! Got to give him *some* suprises!

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