Saturday, December 29, 2007


OK so it's not something most people would be shouting about, but for me it marks the start of being able to shop in high street stores. Back in August I was a size 24 all over. Now, I am a 20 on the bottom (the boobage I have no hope with till I'm done nursing)

Over the past couple of days I have bought...

White (brave!) Shorts, Red 3/4 length trousers, Black trousers all size 20 from NEXT! Never thought I'd fit there 3mos after starting to change my lifestyle for the better.

Black 3/4 length trousers, grey sparkly trousers and grey with a pink pinstripe (realy nice!) trousers all a 20 and a nice top in a 24 (it's those boobs again) from MK1.

Sooo, I'm mid Ebay listing to find some room for them. I have some maternity bits n bobs to put on there as well. Photos I'm going to add in the morning though!

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