Saturday, December 15, 2007

OMG It's a YES!!

Never for a MOMENT thinking we'd actually be accepted, DH and I decided to apply for a loan. A big one. DH knew if they said yes he'd be working overtime for the next 7yrs.

THEY SAID YES!!!! We got the loan. Of course, with that loan came a few conditions (from him)

#1 we take the girls to WDW FL for a trip of a lifetime
#2 i pay off one credit card (old one, not used for several years)
#3 i get my provisional drivers liscence

#1 is booked and paid for... we fly to MCO on Feb 2nd 2008. Staying at the All Star Resort, with a Disney Dining Plan. We also have tickets to the "Princess and Pirates Party" and 7day base passes with water fun.

#2 is all paid off. and as the company did me a deal i only had to pay back part of what i owed (always good)

#3 i've sent off for and am waiting to get back... had to get my passport first so i didn't need to send out anything else!

At this moment in time, I'm the only person with a passport! And it came back within 2weeks of me sending it, very impressive. I need to send DH and DD2s birth certificates back- will do that monday. SPECIAL DELIVERY. Mam sent DD1s back Registered and I've heard nothing. Must see how things are going with that one. I have all the reference numbers and the posting card for DD1s so we'll look at that tomrow (too lazy to go downstairs now!)

One of DHs ex-colleagues is training to be a driving instructor. Hopefullly by the time i can afford lessons he'll be ready to teach me! I can' tgo out earlier than 8pm anyways LOL

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