Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why is it soooo easy for some people

to get pregnant? and generally the ones who DON'T want to be. I really shouldn't moan. It took over 3yrs for us to conceive Sian. But we were spoilt with Beth and conceived the first real try (1month after Sian's 1st birthday) It's a month after Boo's 2nd birthday and we're still trying. Mind you it'd be nice to wrap an HPT and stick it in Clive's stocking... hmmm wonder if that's a feasibilty! Guess he's getting jumped on every day till AF is here again (hope she's not as mean this time as she has been in the past!)

Must make myself an

appointemnt with my GP. I'm still feeling dizzy off and on. And nauseous (defintley NOT pregnant!!) and my knee is still playing up. More if anything now that i've actually got a support for it. it hurts just walking the 0.7mi to stay and play whereas a few mos ago it only hurt when i was trampolining

Sian's growing up far too

fast for me! she's been going to bed with no nappy for a week. 4/7 nights she was dry. 1 she wet literally 30mins before waking. 1 she was out so late that she was drinking right up to bedtime and 1 jsut the luck of the draw. I've taken to plonkin' her on the pot before i go to sleep though. and varying the time! sometimes it works otehr she jsut whispers no and goes back to sleep.

There's been a

French market (dreadfully sinful biscuits!), funfair and ice rink locally this weekend. The funfair sucked (think 3 kids rides and 3 adult rides plus 2 take all your money stalls and a funhouse) and the icerink was barely big enough to take one stride on. I'd planned to elt the girls try skateing- and get DH and I back into it- but 1) they were frozen solid and 2) I wasn't paying £20 for 30mins of skating on cardboard. The girls are now the proud owners of new hats and gloves though FINALLY! and a new sweater each as previously they only had 2 each. mind you they still only have enough for one on and one in the wash the way they go through clothes!


clairemiddleton said...

I agree, hon! It's so easy for some to get pregnant, and not for others. Look at us...4.5 years and nothing to show.

Hopefully you'll get to stuff that HPT in Clives stocking, complete with BFP! Hell, even if it's a BFN...I'd still throw it in, just to see the look on his face!

If it doesn't happen this cycle, hopefully 2008 will be our year. I like the sound of 2008...How about you?

wheezeybouncer said...

2008 WILL be our year. I'm thinking positive for both of us here. I'm bringing home a Disney Baby! (except guess who's due like 2days after we arrive) and you're going to conceive on my birthday!

Better not do the HPT in his stocking though. he does't take disspaointment well!