Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm too old for theme parks!

Or at least, my body is trying to tell me something of that sort. Else it's berating me for not eating totally healthy on Sunday (whilst *at* said theme park!)

All I know is the porcelain throne and 3am should only been seen together when pregnant. Which I'm not (well, as far as I know...CD18 is a tad early to tell, even with a 24day cycle) Today. I ache ALL OVER. Even trying to take my Peak Flow and Symbicort had to be done holding my ribs. That gotta give an indication of which muscles (all!) i used up yesterday.

I walked up to Hounslow West earlier...only about a mile... and didn't have the energy to take the girls to the park on teh way home. lucky for me it started to rain! (sian by the way likes the rain, but not the wind) The kids were happy though. THey got pic n mix and some my little ponies... now sian knows how to wrangle things out of mama. wait till she's ill and she says yes to most anything!

shower and bed in order now. hope thers some hot water this time. the poor kids froze in tehir shower earlier. it is so getting old. acn't wait to be moved from here. maybe now *is* a good time to get pregnant again! might even get moved by christmas (that'd be a lovely xmas presssie!)

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