Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Poor Sian :o(

Sian has managed to get the chicken pox from where we know not! Probably school as they finished two weeks ago.

Yesterday she was meant to go to Legoland with us to see her Grandma & Richard and her cousins who are staying with them this week. She ended up staying at GrannyJan & Grandads for the day instead (thanks mum and dad, hope you're resting today!)

Today she was meant to have a friend over to play. Tomrow was yoga- I was going to send Beth in her place but Clive has decided he can work now (grr he KNEW he was meant to take Rick to baby clinic tomorrow!)

Thursday we were meant to be at soft play and Friday we have our tickets for a trip to see her friends in Swindon!

Who'll be next? Beth or Rick?

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