Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garden Trampolines

Sian playing on the trampoline

Beth playing on the trampoline

Do you have a garden trampoline? What are your rules for it? I am one of the first people to say "don't do it" about a trampoline in the garden. So why do we have one you may ask. Because we can't get to a regular affordable trampoline class for the girls. And I have had over 10years experience teaching trampolining to all ages and abilities. Oh and I have trampolined personally for over 20 years too (including through two pregnancies!)

Here are our rules for the trampoline.

  • 1 person at a time (daddy lets the girls break this sometimes but only if he is there with them)
  • NO somersaulting
  • No shoes
  • No bouncing on just knees (walk down my back and feel it crack LOL)
  • No other toys on the trampoline (the girls are still working in this one.. yesterday it was the toddler slide!)
  • Stay in the middle- on the cross.
Trampolining is great fun, good excersize and can be very, VERY dangerous! Before even considering one for your back garden, go to a sports centre and sign your kids (and you!) up for a class or several is even better.

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George said...

Good for you. It is great to see that people are following safety guides while playing on trampolines. Enjoy your trampoline and best wishes.

George from