Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3rd time unlucky LOL

Rick has the chickenpox too now. At least they all have it over and done with AND in time to go back to school spotless! They've all had the spots in different places though, it's been quite funny. Sian's worst coverage was the top of her back. Beth's was her lower legs and poor little Rick's are all over his face and head :o( Taking them all to Legoland (again) on Thursday anyway as Rick will be in his pushchair for the most part as he's too small for the rides.

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moonduster said...

Oh no! Not the baby too!

We've been through chicken [pox twice here. Connor caught them when he was a baby. Gabby had them at the same time, but Connor's case was worse. Then this past year, Gabby got them again, and Bella joined her.

My older girls were immunized against it when we lived in the US. (Wish they did that here.) So there is only Camereon left at risk now.

By the way, Robert says we'll have to get tickets soon and come your way. (Still feel bad about missing your trip. Had I known he hadn't paid our Internet bill ahead of time, I would have arranged a different way of contacting you.)