Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 down 1 to go!

Now Beth has the chicken pox. Sian and Daddy have gone to legoland without us today. To go on all the "grown up rides"

Beth and I are indulging in some vanilla fudge (yes, BEFORE lunch LOL) and then after lunch we're going to play some wii- I'm just charging up the wii mote. I think I need to re-synch one of them as when we added the wii fit board they both ended up un-synching.

As with Sian when she had chicken pox, Beth will be offered pizza hut for lunch (thank you vouchercodes!) with a hefty discount. OR we'll have pizza for tea and packed lunch in her lunch box for Beth as Daddy & Sian have picnic lunch at legoland

We just got a call from Clive, he and Sian have been on more rides in half an hour than I've been on in three visits to the park!

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Nick said...

I'm sure the chickenpox has long since past. My youngest has yet to get it, but hopefully she'll get it before not too long as I don't want her to wait until Adulthood when it can become more serious.

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