Sunday, August 30, 2009

I wish I could find

a happy marriage between home schooling and school. I miss the independence that Sian had before going to school. She'd talk to anyone of any age. Now she's in a class room with children all roughly the same age as her (they have a LOT of year ones this year so aren't mixing years 1 & 2 like last year, although that was one reason I was happy to send her to this school)

She *asks* to go to the bathroom when we're at HOME. And Friday my friend and I literally LOST her as she decided to go and find some random person to tell she needed the toilet in Asda. She is SO lucky I didn't tan her hide as she was in my vision one second and *gone* the next.

She misses her BSL lessons (I miss her BSL lessons!), she enjoys reading and writing. She responded well to Miss Rosborough, I hope she does as well for her new teacher Miss O'Connell this year or I will be considering homeschooling again... I wonder if her head teacher would consider flexi-schooling. I would love to have the kids out of school on a Monday afternoon (BSL) and Thursday (home ed group) and they'd still be at shcool Monday AM, Tues, Wed & Fri. Of course that won't work with Beth's nursery schedule. Bumpers. Lets hope Sian manages to make the distinction between home (and being independent) and school (having to ask all the time).

To be fair to Sian though, she will still play iwth anyone of any age when we go to soft play. Beth is the problem there. She would rather stay with me in the toddler area than go and explore the larger area. In part I think cause her little legs are too short for the steps up. But she's getting there. Only two more soft plays left for her now before Nurser starts!

Sian's dressed herself in school uniform today. It meant that I could see how well her school coat fits over it (very well!) and discover that as well as school shoes, she needs new plimsolls. Fun, fun. Mums found her PE t-shirt though! Even found the sharpie so I can label things LOL.

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