Monday, August 24, 2009

almost the end of the holidays.

And I've been mentally going through what I need for the begining of term.


Yellow T shirt
water bottle


Grey Tights
White Polo shirts

The trouble is NOWHERE can I find a single yellow tee shirt! In fact I've only seen ONE twin pack, and that was a size 8-9yrs! If it had been a 6-7 I might have bought it!

Mum is buying the girls school shoes, although I may suggest she gets them from Tesco or Asda if they are whole sizes as I know that at the end of the first day they'll be scuffed to high heaven!

And Beth starts a full week after Sian so I can get her stuff the week after (earning me slightly more interest in teh bank LOL)

Not long now till back to school!

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