Monday, August 31, 2009

my kids are too darned skinny!

Excuse the lack of dress. I gave him tomato soup (on bread) for lunch.
Anyway, right slots, maybe a little too loose for my liking, but he's practically nakey.
Britax Rock-a-Tot

Sian in a Britax Evolva 2-3. Narrowest booster on the market this time last year. They re-designed it and made it WIDER. I get that kids are getting fatter. BUT there are still skinny ones out there that don't need huge seats!

Beth in the FisherPrice Safe Embrace (Britax Trio), Tight as it'll go. Check the photo below for how darned skinny my "fat" kid is. She can get her hands and arms almost right through it.

Do NOT ask me how I manage to get all three kids in the back of a renault laguna. To say it's a struggle is an understatement! We need a bigger car and we so can't afford it. We can barely afford the one we have. If I had the wherewithall to do it, I would have Sian back in a harness (she'd prefer it), Beth RF again and Rick of course WILL RF till 13kgs either in this seat or the first class that is waiting for him to grow into (it won't really fit with the other two seats.)

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