Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They're getting so BIG!

My daughters that is. Next week Sian starts school and Beth starts nursery.

Where were living previously we had the Hounslow Sure Start facilities on our doorstep for free and the schools weren't ones I was happy with. So, I made the decision to home school the girls. Since we moved we have two good schools within walking distance of our house. One of which has a long waiting list- which Sian is on, but will now be taken off. The other is not in our borough but IS our 2nd closest school (still walking distance, just about another 5mins)

So, Thurs 22nd Jan was spent in a search for uniform for Sian. The only thing I need to get her from the school is her jumper. Which my friend is very kindly buying for her birthday/christmas present. We got... 2x skirts, 1x pinafore dress, 3x polo shirts, 2x tracksuit(ish!) bottoms, 6x tights, 1x plimsolls, 1x school shoes. In addition I've been given 4x polo shirts and 1x yellow t-shirt. She's all kitted out hopefully right till she needs/wants a summer dress. But she has the choice and doesn't have to have one! I'll share photos in another post (Clive took pics tonight and somehow adjusted the setting so they're useless!)

Neither girl can wait for next week LOL. Sian starts Monday and Beth starts Thursday. Boo's going to cost me a whopping... £1.87/day! I know exactly what i'll do with my two mornings with out the girls. Get the house sorted out!!

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moonduster said...

Take pictures on their first days!