Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sian's FIVE!!!

I can't beleive she's a big five year old! She's come a looooooooooong way from that 3lb 13oz shrimpy thing huh? I weighed and measured her on jan 31 and she's finally broke the 40lb mark! She's 105cms to go with it... average weight and slightly below averagwe heihgt- i told her she was short and tubby lol. mean mama!

Pics are in the wrong chronological order but enjoy. Birthdays around christmas suck. I invited several of her friends and deliberatly chose to meet close to them. Only two had the decency to reply in any way (and one had to call off due to illness) Is it so hard to reply to a text or facebook message?!

Cutting the cake

First cut


Hippo Birdie!

Spongebob Cake!

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clairemiddleton said...

We're celebrating in 2 weeks or so, right?! Belated Birthday/Christmas celebration! Wooo! I'll bring the candles so she can blow them out again! Heh