Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sian's Christmas

Sian decorating the tree

Christmas Eve PJs... can you tell it was just about bed time?!

Lola from "Charlie and Lola" in her stocking.

All Sian asked Santa for was a Cinderlla Disney Princess Doll.

Christmas Peppa Pig outfit

Sian asked for Peppa Pig PJs but I had trouble finding them (She ended up getting them as a present) so this was Mama's compromise.

Don't let my oldest daughter loose with a bunch of cherries! We ended up in A&E as she swallowed a cherry stone. By the time we got there it had gone down and she jsut had a very sore scratched throat- I think I probably did more damage whacking the poor kid on the back!

Sian's favourite present? Junior Monopoly from her Uncle Stevie.


moonduster said...

Bella is a Peppa Pig fan too. We found her a pair of Peppa Pig pjs at Asda, along with a pair of Peppa Pig slippers. Gabby gave them to her for Christmas.

What size does Sian wear?

fiberfanatic said...

Thanks for the pictures here! Write if you get a chance, I lost your email in a computer problem.