Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Frederick Post.

My little man's found his thumb!

My favourite Nursing photo. I took it with my phone and then edited it on there as well.

car seat pic at 10wks 4days (last one was at 3days)

In his big boy cot. My little man slept in his cot all night long for the first time Jan 17th :o(

Just love the shocked expression!

Isn't he a cutie pie? (ok, I'm biased!)

Lovely soft dungarees!

He's not meant to fit this pushchair yet! Makes walking to the bakers easier if I want a basket though!

Trip to the park

First time on a swing.

So, the little so n so decided that to roll over tummy to back at 5weeks wasn't enough. At just over 10wks he slept all night in his own room (mama didn't sleep too well!). And in all the gurgling and babbling he said "mum" not just a fluke but 3x one night and then a couple times the next morning. He doesn't seem to need to nurse as much as the girlies did. And he's found his thumb! What else. He's trying really hard to roll back to tummy now- and getting frustrated when it doesn't work! And I have no clue how much he weighs (well over 11lbs by the feel of him!) but I just had to buy him 6-9mos footed sleepers as his toes are all scrunched up in the 3-6's. As long as there are no feet he's fine! I'm 3/3 on kids with no waist/butt!!


moonduster said...

Adorable photos! And I always thought thumbsuckers were doing it in the womb; I didn't realize that some of the "learn" it later.

clairemiddleton said...

Whoa! He's grown so much!!

Can't wait to catch up this week!