Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sian's 1st day

Monday, 26th January 2009. Sian started at Kenyngton Manor School. She had a good day from all accounts! Her teacher told me she'd been good as well so I was happy!

I heard all about snack time (apple, orange adn water) and school dinners (jacket potato and beans with a yummy pie and custard) and she drip fed me information through the evening. She did t (tuh) and T (tee) and adding up and painted a flower and stuck wrapping paper on a ladybird

Enjoy the photos :o)

Signing "school"

Waiting for her teacher

All smart in her uniform (didn't last!!)

PE Kit

Have I got everything now?

With the begining of school though, Sian has to leave her sign language classes. So we made a video for Dom before we left for the school run. She understands a LOT of signs, and also the grammar. I'm hoping that she gets to use this skill in teh future as she really does have another language at her finger tips (they use makaton in her class as some of the children have speech difficulties)

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clairemiddleton said...

So adorable in her uniform! I thought we were getting before school and after school pics! I don;t believe you that it didn't last! Heh!

Looking forward to Thursdays post to find out how Beth liked nursery =o)