Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terminal 5 is


I'm so not joking when I say we walked round it for over 3hrs on Saturday. Clive and Sian went one way and Beth and I the other.

G/B: LHR-Moscow; Inverness-LHR; LHR-Miami; NY-LHR
C/S: LHR- Moscow; (don't know!); LHR-NY; (don't know)

they got back before us though and met us at arrivals. we had so much fun (and travelled so far in 4hrs LOL) The girls Terrence and Trixi Trunki's got a good run for their money! Although the "horns" on Sian's Terrence seem to be a bit loose, and Trixi, well she doesn't like to be opened! THe signage still needs a little work on it (some is lacking!) and they ran out of "luggage" Goodness knows where they'd got all their suitcases from, but there was loads!
Clive and Sian got to ride the transit, and all four of us went on the Shuttle bus.

We weren't allowed to take pics though (pity, cause I'd have LOVED to get one of the girls riding their trunkis) and the lifts aren't operational yet- like shafts with no lifts in! But they ahve the escalators going and a section of the transit working.

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