Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cheese Graters are EVIL

I seem to have grated teh top 5 layers of skin off the knuckle of my thumb. Can I say OOOWWWWWEEEEEE!!! It, of course, bled profusely for a while there. Why do the small cuts n grazes DO that?! I did however get the macaroni cheese done. If there's one meal i can guarentee the whole family will eat it's macaroni cheese. wait, pretty much any pasta, but the macaroni is a favourite in this house.


That's what they are according to Sian. Who's not bad at the game (well, with a little prompting!) Mind you, I call them Donimoes and always have done! We picked up a Dora the Explorer set for 50p missing ONE peice. Of course, now it's missing two. I wonder if we can get some spares...... guess I'll have to go through the tin and find an address. That reminds me. We need more pens for Doodle Daisy.

Brownie Uniforms.

My sister is starting a Brownie Pack near where she lives (the nearest one previously was a good 30mins walk) and if you know anyone who can donate some second hand uniform, they'd be most greatful.


clairemiddleton said...


Des did that at Christmas, but with a potato peeler! Eek!

Are the girls looking forward to the Florida trip?

wheezeybouncer said...

erm does a bear.....! of course. boo can't wait to see minnie mouse and sian wants to see goofy (it was pluto)

are you coming to see me this week then ;oP