Tuesday, January 22, 2008

cycling and scootering

Sian ready for the off. The pedals are a little stiff for her.

Both girls ready and waiting, why must they always shut their eyes when i snap?!

Just a gorgeous pic of Baby Beth

Cheeky Monkeys Peeking out the Door- Not quite what I wanted, but still cute!

Sian can finally reach the pedals AND pedal on her bike (remember our Ebay bargain from the Summer before last?) Daddy tightened up the seat and adjusted it to fit properly a while back. Then Sian didn't want to ride *right at that minute* so he got grumpy. Well, she's taken to asking to go on her bike in the least suitable weather lately (think strong wind/howling rain). So we took advantage of this chilly but still day to go in the garden and play.

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