Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, 2008 Begins.

This is my year to be a loser, in the best sense of course! My year to meet Mickey Mouse! My year to focus on ME!

The TV stays OFF for a large portion of when teh girls are up (they may watch till 8.45am when we leave the house and then 2hrs later on) If they want to play Wii Games, that comes out of their TV allowance.

Screaming, Hitting, Biting and Pinching are NOT being tolerated by me (now to get DH on board as he shouts just as quickly) Trouble is, the girls are VERY like their father who has a volatile temper and is quick to fisticuffs... he's one of 4 boys.

Fruit, Veg, Water and Excersize are going to become a priority here. Even if the excersize is just walking the 0.7mile to Stay & Play (and the same back, turns into over a mile/day) I'm going to make the effort to stick the sling in a bag and leave the stroller indoors... unless it is absolutley freeeezing! Sian would rather ride if the stroller is there, then it ends up with a big arguement.

We bought new suit cases yesterday. Now we need the room for them! Ebay currently has a whole bunch of trousers that are too big for me (ID: wheezeybouncer) but soon there'll be a moses basket, stand, high chair, bed rails (2), booster chairs (2) and a giant toy on there.

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