Friday, January 04, 2008


They managed to patch up the boiler. They were *this* close to condemming it though. We need a new memory circuit (Monday, earliest) at best but this is the expensive option. Really, the whole system needs replacing, but it's time consuming.

The poor apprentice that came with the plumber scalded his hand on the hot water... that there's nothing wrong with (temp is set right down cause of kids) so, imagine a grown mans hand lobster red- transfer that onto the delicate skin of a 2yo &4yo, and clive wonders why they yell and cry when the shower does it's "I'm going to heat up now" trick

Must go and freecycle my two unused but pretty sure they still work printers (teh last pc was literally chugging along!) and set up the current one. the details to fix teh jam are in my email, just not got round to it yet. i may end up freecycling the baby stuff, but not too sure as yet, i'd like to get something for it really. i do have a pile of cloth nappies taht i can't ebay though.............

I managed to get an appointement with Val on Tuesday mornign (10.50) so, will my PF go up, down, stick around? I've done the last 2 days of pred and still taking the increased symbicort. not sure wehter to carry on the pred or not. proably will keep teh symbicort increased though.

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