Sunday, January 27, 2008


i still can't upload my pics. i'm annoyed. they're cute (in my not so humble opinion!) oh, i have Flickr... i think. maybe i'll try from there.

Sainsburys quality of food is naff. i bought kids pita from there weds. it's sunday. use by Feb 20. today (jan 27) it's moldy- in an UNOPENED packet. and i have to throw fruit/veg away like 2 days after i've bought it. I'm not getting fresh produce from there any more. they never seem to have our goats milk anyway!

The kids carry ons are short a couple bits (think cuddly toy and couple nappies) and their suitcases need undies and towels and toothbrushes. mostly last minute bits. I'll get onto DH and mine soon. mind you, i need what clothes i have for the week!

I'm giving up on my weightloss efforts for now. I can't find the motivation to keep it up. I think I'm too excited about Disney! Mind you, I plan on trying to swim at least every other day for 10 lengths! And I will continue my crunches streak I started (i'm on day 16 so far!) 2 things I WILL continue however are to drink my water and make sure I get my 5 a day. I'll also try to keep my calorie intake down to 1500 but not going to be too fussed if it goes to 2000.

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