Sunday, August 03, 2008

what next. i'll tell you what now. there are loose tiles on our roof and two in the gutter. i found out friday AFTER the housing dept. had shut. and as we're having a visit monday (didn't we just get one?) it can wait till they come.

it is still taking forever for hot water to come through downstairs. i sat with the hot tap running for 5mins before it was lukewarm this morning. yet trying to shower last night i scalded my back and froze my scalp in the same 30seconds. i'm going to pay to get my hair washed every week at this rate. even the kids are getting too big for their baby bath, and it's hard for me to get down there to wash their hair.

i've decided i can't be bothered to bust a gut getting this place sparkling clean for monday. we're here to live. not live in a damn show home. i can't move the freezer or reach over the top of it to get rid of the darned cobwebs. at least there are no spiders in there.

spiders. ugh. there are 2 places they ALWAYS seem to end up in this house (there's a third, i don't use that cupboard as it's awkward) between our drawers and our fridge/freezer, usually a big un with it's web down there and in the cupboard i keep the baking trays etc. there are usually two in there.

mm macaroni cheese smells done. my kids are gonna be happy with lunch. they're on a cheese kick today. they had cheese on toast as a snack (after their cereal!) and now are having macaroni cheese for lunch! just need to see if they want garlic bread with it (probably!) so i'd better go.

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