Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Housing inspection

Wow look at the rain. you can see the tiles in the gutter here

and a clearer view of where there is a hole in the roof here

She came, she saw and she made notes. Actually, she was a darn sight nicer about our house than our housing officer. she's going to get the landlord to do the gardens. we've been told not to use the hedge trimmer he left us in case of accidents. we should have told her that he got clive doing the work last time actually. darnit. so i'm going to have to brave the spiders and get the clippers out! too wet for electric gadgets again now anyway. i'd just like to get into the house! the boiler still needs fixing. the last temporary fix was in feb. and it's holding well! we'll see if it fails again when i have a new born (that's when it FIRST failed!) there is a hole in the roof we THINK. but she said she will at least get the landlord to fix the loose and fallen tiles. the only way to find out if it IS a hole is go into the attic. we're not allowed (not that we'd want to, to get up there you ahve to precariously balance a ladder on the turn in the stairs) she's going to get the drawers fixed (they keep coming off their runners) but it looks like we're stuck with running the extension lead through the kitchen for the dryer and freezer. ah well, we've done it this long we can manage.

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