Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Week.

Monday... waited in all day at my mums for Trish to come (she couldn't in the end, for a retired lady she's pretty busy as i told her on Tuesday!) and for my older 2 neices and nephew to arrive from Wales for the week. Then got taken out for tea at Nando's Have to say, the mushroom and halloumi "burger" with chilli jam is lush. and both my girls now like halloumi cheese. next time i'm just going to get them the cheese and chips lol. beth lost her veggie burger to the floor, sian just ate the cheese off hers (and it was horrible anyway!)

Tuesday, saw Trish (finally LOL.) and had my anti-d (owweee, now have a bruised bum!), bloods taken for a random glucose screen and all the other good stuf htey like to check. "lando's" heartbeat is "still in the boys range" lol. i do love the old wives tales! the colostrum is coming in now, but beth won't be tandem nursing with this one i don't think, she's forgotten how to nurse. bitter sweet as sian nursed till she was 4.

after that we saw Wall-E at the cinema with my parents and neices/nephew. cute film. i thought beth would fall asleep, but she sat on my knee for the whole thing entranced! just asked to go to the loo about 30mins from the end. there's not a whole load of dialogue, but it's funny to the grown ups in a TOTALLY different way from the kids!! i won't spoil it. go see it!

Weds. we went out to breakfast, then to see Kung Fu Panda. Two cinema trips in as many days! And Sian wants to see The fox and the Child too. I'm not sure she'll enjoy that as much though. KFP is a bit scary for little ones in places, but both girls enjoyed it for all that. beth did get a bit wriggly towards the end. we've seen trailers for about 4 films we'd like to go and see this year.

Sian had a sleep over at her freinds house last night. My big girl! My friend texted me after they were asleep to say that both kids had been very good and tested all the boundaries LOL. but i can't wait to see her later on. we're going to the library as a big group.

and tomorrow we're off to Longleat via swindon to meet a freind of mine. must download the splash park pics first (but they're another post!) so taht's our week this week. a busy one!

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