Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's taken her months!

But finally Beth can sign "Aeroplane" without any assistance from Mama to get the right fingers. We decided to do some random sign practice while walking home from town today and that was one that we did- I guess living so close to the airport helps LOL. I'd just randomly ask one of them a sign and both would usually do it. I wonder if Sian would be up to taking her BSL exam next year... the way she's going I'd say ability wise she'll be FINE!

We took a bus to town today. No pushchair (eek!). Went to the bank to lend my sister yet more money. Not sure how this happens. LOL. Then after that the girls went on the roundabout as they had been ever so good. We bought cakes and sausage rolls and drinks for "elevenses" and then walked up to find a dentist for a freind. The earliest we could get her in was next Weds. and at that she has a 2wk shorter wait than most new patients! Sian and Beth are going too. Sian was all upset because the dentist couldn't see her today.

After that we walked back up to town for lunch and then meandered home. Finding random letters carved into walls on the way! Sian trys to tell me she doesn't know them LOL. But she does. I managed NOT to get frustrated with her. A BIIIIIG step for me, and an important one in the grand scheme of things.

As we got to our gate Grannyjan and Grandad pulled up to take us bowling for the first time in ages. I got some pics- but not downloaded them yet! and the girls managed EIGHT frames between them before deciding they wanted ice cream instead. *note to self, it will take at least 30mins in future to help grandad with his splint/shoes*

and just a normal veg in front of the telly with tea and then bed tonight. and that's our day LOL.

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