Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Roald Dahl Childrens Gallery

Beth taking the ball out to play

Roald Dahl at work

Here's where we were. It's in Aylesbury, not to be confused with the museum in Greater Missenden

The Twits

We went in the Great Glass Elevator

Sian trying to make music

Beth with a YoYo

The ball floating after Beth threw it into the airstream

We managed to hitch a lift here on Clive's bus when they took the younger Summer Schoolers last week. Sian's favourite exhibit was the shadow pictures (sadly no photos as my camera batteries were on their last legs) and Beth's favourite was the one where you pump air to make musical notes (we have a picture of Sian doing it but not Beth, she wouldn't stay still long enough!!)

Sian wants to go back. I think we might.. and maybe on to Greater Missenden too as I love Roald Dahl and it's more about his work.

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